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MCA of Cleveland Received PE Award at MCAA 2013

The MCA of Cleveland joined the ranks of MCERF’s prestigious Partnership Enterprise during an award ceremony at MCAA 2013 in San Antonio, TX.  Partnership Enterprise members have each contributed at least $100,000 to the Foundation, and the MCA of Cleveland joins 62 other MCAA affiliates who have done so.  Tom Wanner, Executive Director of the...

Students Learning at MCAA Convention 2013

There are so many more good reasons--the interns' exposure to MCAA members' operations and the resulting valuable experience that may later translate to full-time employment; the employer benefits of having a fresh perspective and new ideas; and the continuing flow of bright young people into our industry. Start recruiting now to find the best qualified...

MCA of Akron Membership Meeting

The MCA of Akron made a $5,000 pledge to the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation recently that is not only generous, but also gets a couple of asterisks as “firsts” for the Foundation. The pledge is to be paid in $2,500 payments over the next two years…and even better news, the MCA of Akron want’s to earmark 50% of each year’s contribution to MCERF Scholarships!

Bill Tavenner, Ferguson, a Wolseley Company

At the MCAA Annual Convention in San Antonio the MCERF Board of Trustees welcomed Bill Tavenner, VP - Commercial Business Development, Ferguson, a Wolseley Company, Newport News, VA.  As one of two manufacturer/supplier representatives to the Board of Trustees, he replaces outgoing representative Gary Moore of Victaulic.  The MCERF Board of Trustees is a...