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MCERF presents The Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT)

Watch the latest "MCERF Story" videos.


“The MCERF Story”

People often ask what is the Foundation?  What does it do for the mechanical contracting industry? Why should I support MCERF?  This video answers these questions and more.  Hear...

MCERF thanks its supporters.

MCERF Thanks Its 2016 Contributors

The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation thanks its numerous contributors who have so generously contributed to the Foundation this year.  The Foundation typically tries to acknowledge each contributor individually in all its...

MCERF Funds MCAA GreatFutures Initiative

MCERF will pay $1,500 per intern or full-time employee that MCAA/MSCA members hire during MCAA’s “2015 – Year of the Intern”.  

At MCAA’s October 2014 Student Chapter Summit in Jersey City, NJ, the assembled faculty from dozens...

Roscoe Bufkin and Brian Caufield receiving Partnership Enterprise award from MCERF President Mark Rogers

At the December 2014 MCERF Board of Trustees meeting, Brian Caufield (VP/GM Wholesale Plumbing), Mueller Industries, Memphis, TN announced their commitment to donate $100,000 to the Foundation.  Brian cited the synergy between Mueller Industries and MCERF in supporting a number of current and planned career development initiatives. "Mueller faces the...

Students and contractors discussing internships.

MCAA and MCERF shattered 2014's award of 83 internships in a major almost quadrupling that number!  In 2015, MCAA expanded the number of internship opportunities available by enhancing the Student Internship Grants program with the financial support of the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF). As a thank you to...