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News from 2017

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Get a first-person viewpoint of what it's really like to be a mechanical contractor thanks to "Ted: A Day in the Life." This video follows Ted McHugh of West Chester Mechanical Contractors in Aston, PA through a typical workday. In addition to highlighting the daily demands associated with keeping a project on time and within budget, it showcases how a great future is achievable in the mechanical industry.

MCERF presents The Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT)

The MCERF Complexity Measurement Tool (CMT) enables MEP practitioners to engage in new and exciting forms of building information analysis. This first-of-its-kind tool provides a measurable, verifiable method of characterizing MEP spaces and generating metrics that can be used by teams, projects, and enterprises.

Students hired and more to be hired thanks to MCAA's GreatFutures Forum!

Networking and hiring were the hallmarks of the GreatFutures Forum in Indianapolis recently. But the real story is the scope and enthusiasm of what is happening post-GreatFutures Forum when scores of students actually go to MCAA members' offices to hold the interviews they scheduled in Indy!