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MCERF Contributes $100,000 to MCAA's Disaster Relief Fund

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The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF)'s Board of Trustees unanimously voted to contribute $100,000 to MCAA's Disaster Relief Fund. The money will aid MCAA's mechanical contracting and workforce members who have been so horribly impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

This contribution complements those recently given by the MCAA and by the MCA of Houston and will hopefully be an inspiration to other companies and individuals to contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund. Contributions have started come in but much more will be needed by our friends and family in the affected areas. MCERF President Mark Rogers said, "We hate that this need is there, that our MCAA family members have been hurt. But this disaster will bring out the best in the people I know through my involvement in MCAA and the UA. I urge each of you to give like your lives depended on it because the next time it time, it could be you or me this happens to!"

Those who would like to make a contribution to the fund may do so via check made out to the “MCAA Disaster Relief Fund.” Checks may be mailed to the attention of MCAA CEO John Gentille at the MCAA National Office, 1385 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD 20850. Your corporate and personal contributions are 100% tax deductible.