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MCERF Funds Landmark BIM Publication

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The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), in a tripartite project with the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning National Association (SMACNA) and the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), has published Achieving Spatial Coordination Through BIM – A Guide for Specialty Contractors.  Dubbed “the Guide”, the publication was conceived, developed, and published to help MEP contractors negotiate one of the most challenging issues in the modern construction industry: how to best reconcile and incorporate leading edge technologies and processes into their projects’ spatial coordination efforts.  Click here to get more information and download the Guide.

Lessons learned by early BIM adopters like MCAA’s Steve Shirley (President/CEO of University Mechanical & Engineering Contractors, El Cajon, CA) and fellow members of a special BIM task force were combined to develop a set of best practices and proven, how-to information. The result is a guide that will help contractors better navigate this complex issue and make more informed business decisions about spatial coordination and BIM.  It will also serve as an educational resource for their employees who must act on those decisions.

MCERF provided over $30,000 in funding over the two years the Guide was under development and was instrumental in a range of logistic efforts for the project ranging from project management, to author selection, contract administration, as well as Guide distribution and marketing.  According the MCERF President, Mark Rogers, “This (the Guide) is one of the most industry-critical projects that MCAA and the Foundation have ever undertaken.  The importance of the subjects of spatial coordination and BIM to MCAA members in particular and the construction industry in general cannot be overstated.  The Guide is now the benchmark for how we attack and address industry problems from a position of leadership. I am proud of our efforts!”

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