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Microsoft Hololens Applications for Mechanical Contractors

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Hololens Project - MCERF underwrote a project wherein Iowas State intern Joe Hines who was hired by Waldinger Corporation of Omaha, NE to develop ideas and uses for Mircrosoft's Hololens product to aid the mechanical contracting industry. Hines demonstrated his findings and the use of Hololens at MCAA 2017 in San Diego, CA and made his finding available in a white paper.

In recent years, the push to utilize technology has been advancing from one job to the next in the construction industry. The main benefits of technology have been increased precision and a more streamlined work process. For instance, with the utilization of BIM (Building

Information Modeling) there is a higher work amount prior to start of construction, designers and subcontractors will build the system in the 3D model space leading to an increased understanding of overall system design. With the use of BIM, jobs have been able to increase in complexity because of the amount of coordination that goes into a project prior to construction. In areas of increased complexity trade workers can get the exact amount of material and know that there will be adequate space to install the required equipment, and if needed look at a 3D model for more complex piping routes to equipment. (More...)