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Chapter of Excellence

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Chapter of Excellence Grants reward student chapters for extraordinary performance and accomplishment during the prior year AND encourage their continued growth and development. Faculty advisors apply for the grant on behalf of the student chapter. The total amount of this grant is $7,500--$5,000 is to be dedicated for student scholarships and the remaining $2,500 is for chapter operations. The minimum amount that should be allocated for student scholarships is $1,000.


MCAA student chapters that have been chartered for at least one year are eligible for this grant, except those that have applied for an Emerging Chapter Grant for the same grant period.

Application Procedures

Applications should be no longer than five (5) single- spaced pages. Photographs are welcome, but not necessary. Faculty advisors submit applications for this grant by close-of-business May 1 of each year. Applications are to be sent to Harlee Gallo Mooney, Director of Career Development at MCAA, either by e-mail at or by fax (301-990-9690).

Grant Information

Each submission must include the following information:

  • Name(s) of faculty advisor(s)
  • Names and titles of chapter officers
  • Number of chapter members
  • Attendance at MCA meetings (if applicable) during the current school year
  • Special projects, activities, and accomplishments of chapter during the current year (if applicable)
  • Number of chapter members who have been offered summer internships with mechanical contractors
  • Number of chapter members who obtained (or who have been offered) full-time positions with mechanical contractors
  • A brief description (100 words or less) of how the chapter plans to use the grant

Grant Criteria

Applications for this grant will be judged on the basis of the following criteria: 

5 points
How is the chapter organized and led? How are officers choosen? How are decisions made?
10 points
How do chapter members stay in touch with each other and the contracting community? How are members notified of upcoming meetings, special events, projects, internships, employment opportunities, etc.?
Community Service
10 points
Do chapter members voluntarily participate in a project that helps improve their community? (i.e. Habitat for Humanity, Heats On, a clean-up campaign)
Career Development
20 points
Does the chapter participate in activities that increase members’ knowledge of the mechanical contracting industry, the employment opportunities it offers, and the contractors that are part of it?
5 points for entering. In the case of a tie, each chapter’s current competition evaluation will be considered and weighed.
Did the chapter participate in the MCAA Student Chapter Competition?
≥ 2, 5 pts.
3 – 7, 10 pts.
8≥, 15 pts.
How many new members did the chapter add during this year? What means did the chapter use to attract new members?
Fund Raising
≥ $500, 5 pts.
$501 - $1,000, 10 pts.
$1,000 >, 15 pts.
How much money did the chapter raise and by what means?
Field Trips
10 points
1- 2 per year
15 points
3 or more per year
5 points
1- 5 per year
10 points
6 - 10 per year
15 points
11 or more
1-5, 5 points; 6-10, 10 points; 11-15, 15 points; 16 or more 20 points
How many 2012 graduates who were members of the student chapter accepted positions with mechanical contractors?


In addition to the above criteria, chapters are to provide a brief explanation (100 words or less) of how they intend to use the grant funds. 

Grant Selection Process

MCAA’s Career Development Committee will evaluate all grant applications received based upon the above criteria and designate the grant recipients that receive the most points. The winners will be notified by telephone and in writing by June 15.

Grant Amount

The Chapter of Excellence grant amount for this year will be $7,500; of this amount, the Faculty Advisor of Record (FAR) for the chapter will designate recipients of MCERF Scholarships, the total amount of which will be $5,000 of the $7,500 grant.  The remaining $2,500 is to be used to support and enhance student chapter operations.

For More Information

Contact Harlee Gallo Mooney at 800-556-3653 or by e-mail at