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Scholarship Contributors

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MCERF has developed a unique scholarship recipient and distribution methodology that builds on a number of existing channels that its parent organization, the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), has in place, namely its network of 50+ student chapters and faculty advisors and its annual awards for Chapters of Excellence.  To foster and encourage a  sense of excellence within all parties of this network (students, faculty, and universites), MCERF has developed a scholarship program that incentivizes each party to participate. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Scholarship funds only go to student chapters that are awarded Chapter of Excellence grants based on objective criteria established and employed by MCAA's Career Development Committee.  Now, however, the cash awards are large ($7,500) and disbursed to the winning chapter's faculty advisor.  The faculty advisors know the students with the greatest needs and the greatest promise for staying within the industry. (The only restriction MCERF places on the funds is that the minimum scholarship award is $1,000.)

Thus, scholarship recipients win from generous awards, faculty advisors win because they are responding to university administration pressure to bring in funds, and the industry wins because it positively influences its perception among all parties.