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Scholarships - Award Criteria & Methodology

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  1. MCERF Scholarship funds will be awarded only to MCAA student chapters that are selected for annual “Student Chapter of Excellence” grants.
  2. A Chapter of Excellence winner will receive $7,500; $2,500 will be a cash reward for underwriting chapter activities and $5,000 will be for “MCERF Scholarships”
  3. Chapter of Excellence recipients are selected by MCAA’s Career Development Committee using an existing, points-based set of criteria provided by the committee to the student chapters in advance of the grant request solicitation.
  4. The Faculty Advisor of Record (FAR) for selected Student Chapters of Excellence shall receive the cash and scholarship awards as two (2) separate checks in August of each grant year; one check for general chapter use and the second for scholarships only.
  5. The FAR will be responsible for the disposition of all awarded funds at his/her student chapter.
  6. The minimum amount of any MCERF Scholarship will be $1,000, the maximum amount will be $5,000.  The number and mix of scholarships for any Chapter of Excellence winner shall be at the discretion of the FAR.
  7. Scholarship recipients must be at least junior-class status in the academic year in which they will receive their MCERF Scholarship funds.
  8. Note:  All scholarship funds awarded to a given Chapter of Excellence must be fully expended in the form of scholarships by May 15 of the year following the initial award, and the names and biographical information of the scholarship recipients must be provided to MCERF by this date.  If these conditions are not met, all awarded funds must be returned to and received by MCERF no later than June 15.