The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation

provides a solid foundation for the growth and success of the mechanical contracting industry.


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MCERF undertakes initiatives that:

  • Build strong working relationships with many industry practitioners, academics, manufacturer/supplier representatives, and industry consultants.  These strong and varied relationships provide MCERF with a vital information gathering/sharing base. Our partners guide and enlighten us as to the most pressing education and research issues facing our industry.
  • Provide responsible management of the financial resources generously given by its many donors. Responsible stewardship of the financial resources entrusted to us is one of MCERF's proudest accomplishments. From an initial endowment of just over a million dollars, the Foundation now oversees the investment of a multi-million endowment, which funds education, research, and administrative costs from the revenues it generates.

In This Section

MCERF-funded research projects.

MCERF underwrites industry-critical research, which is conducted by leading researchers and consultants, with the oversight and support of volunteer industry practitioners and other experts.