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Faculty Training Camps

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Mechanical-Electrical Academic Consortium (MEAC) Faculty Training Camp

HISTORY: Since 2005, the Mechanical-Electrical Academic Consortium (MEAC) has planned, organized and implemented annual intensive educational forums for academics who teach mechanical systems and/or construction management courses at colleges and universities across the U.S. These forums, Faculty Training Camps, are designed primarily for academics who have an educational background in engineering or related disciplines, but who may not have the knowledge of mechanical systems required to teach the subject matter to undergraduate students. 

The Faculty Training Camps occur in cooperation with various schools of construction at colleges and universities offering those programs.  They are three to four days in length and offer curriculum in the following areas: plumbing systems and codes, isometric drawings, estimating plumbing and mechanical systems, Building Information Modeling, air conditioning systems and components, duct sizing, psychrometrics, mechanical properties, testing and balancing, temperature controls, system commissioning, teaching methods, mechanical laboratory exercises and resources. 

Participation in the Faculty Training Camp ranges from 15-20, depending on funding availability.  Six to eight academics and/or contractors with expertise in the subject areas provide the instruction.

Funding for the training camp, either by MCERF or in partnership with NECA and Electri International, covers participants’ hotel costs, instructors’ travel and hotel costs, meals, meeting facility fees and supplies. 

Details of the 2019 MEAC Faculty Training Camp are being finalized, but the event will happen in the early summer of 2019.  Contact Blake Wentz for the exact dates, times, and program information.