The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation

provides a solid foundation for the growth and success of the mechanical contracting industry.


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The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) maintains a staff of two professionals who are full-time employees of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA), the Foundation’s parent organization.  Under this organizational structure, the Foundation has broad access to the capabilities and resources of MCAA, an internationally-recognized trade association.


MCERF’s staff are responsible to the MCERF Board of Trustees and are charged with helping the Trustees plan, implement, and administer the programs and practices necessary to achieve the Foundation’s mission.

Photo of Timothy J. Brink
Timothy J. Brink
Executive Director

Tim Brink brings a unique perspective to his position at MCERF. He has served in virtually every role in our industry, including as a contractor, local association executive, and on many MCAA committees. He was president of CPMCA and a member of both the MCAA and PCA boards of directors. As a longtime member of the MCERF Board of Trustees, including time spent as the foundation’s treasurer, he is intimately familiar with the organization’s mission and finances.

Photo of Priya Nirmal
Priya Nirmal
Associate Director

Priya began working for MCAA in 2008 as a receptionist and administrative assistant for National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau.  Her responsibilities have grown to include accounting assistance for MCAA and MCERF.  Her role with MCERF now includes assistance with internship and other critical administrative matters.

Her interests include Martial arts and Interior Decorating.

MCAA Resources

While MCERF has full access to the services of numerous MCAA staff professionals, there are four key MCAA staff employees who contribute significant time and services to the Foundation on a sustained basis.

Photo of John Gentille
John Gentille

John is CEO and Executive Vice President of the Mechanical Contractors of America (MCAA).  In those capacities, he helps provide the Foundation with both strategic vision as to the role MCERF can serve for the industry and with the practical knowledge of how to get things done through the world’s greatest industry volunteers, the members of the MCAA.

Photo of Don May
Don May

Don heads up the MCAA financial team that provides daily financial and accounting assistance to the Foundation.  He coordinates annual audits of the Foundation and is an integral part of the investment and fundraising strategy teams.

Photo of Harlee Gallo Mooney
Harlee Gallo Mooney
Director of Career Development, MCAA

Harlee provides MCERF’s day-to-day connection with MCAA’s 50+ student chapters across the U.S. and Canada and helps orchestrate the numerous outreach and funding activities the Foundation undertakes with students and faculty alike. She plans the annual GreatFutures Forum, which brings hundreds of students and numerous MCAA/MSCA members together in a major career enhancement and recruitment event. She also coordinates the student programming at the MCAA’s annual convention, which includes the Final Four Student Competition. She has been involved in the planning of other programs, including MCAA's annual Fabrication Conference.

Photo of Adrienne Breedlove
Adrienne Breedlove
Director, Digital Media, MCAA

Adrienne assists MCERF with its strategic marketing and communications efforts. As MCAA's Director, Digital Media, she is responsible for packaging and delivering the association’s external messaging. Adrienne is a critical member of the greater MCERF operations team.