The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation

provides a solid foundation for the growth and success of the mechanical contracting industry.

Board of Trustees

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The Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF) has a 10-member, volunteer Board of Trustees comprised of contractors, manufacturer/supplier representatives, a local MCA affiliate representative, and a member to represent the university academic community.  The Board's function is to oversee and conduct MCERF industry interactions and to ensure that it maintains and adheres to a well-defined industry mission.  The Board also maintains financial oversight of the Foundation, ensuring that all contributions, investments, and earnings are handled in both an ethical and mission-effective manner.

  • Photo of Mark A. Rogers
    Mark A. Rogers
    MCERF - President
    West Chester Mechanical Contractors
    Aston, PA

    "It is our job to find the next generation of leaders for our companies, our association and our industry.  We need to find and train our own replacements.   MCERF is playing a vital role in that process."

  • Photo of Brian C. Hughes
    Brian Hughes
    MCERF - Vice President
    Hughes Environmental Engineers, Inc.
    Mahwah, NJ

    "Most of us in the mechanical industry owe our start in this business to the folks before us who had the vision to pay it forward.  I am tremendously grateful for my own opportunity to own a company.  MCERF allows us to give that same chance to new people in our trade, and now it's time for us to hold up our end of the deal."

  • Photo of Mr. Parthiv Amin
    Parthiv Amin
    MCERF - Treasurer
    Sloan Valve Company
    Franklin Park, IL

    “Working for a private company, with owners committed to giving back in various ways, I am constantly encouraged and inspired to contribute and commit both to the community and our industry. Working with MCERF gives me an outlet to help young professionals in my field to grow both personally and professionally. “

  • Photo of Robert G. Bergman
    Robert G. Bergman
    Executive Vice President
    Utah MCA
    Salt Lake City, UT

    "As a local association executive, I witness the immeasurable benefits of MCERF.  The Utah MCA has received a great return on our investment through the MCERF’s outstanding educational programs. They help our companies stay ahead of the curve before today’s trends become tomorrow’s reality.  I am honored to serve as an MCERF Trustee."

  • Photo of Christopher J. Catania
    Christopher J. Catania
    Director of Business Development
    Bradford White Corporation
    Ambler, PA

    “Succession planning is critical to the success and longevity of all Manufacturers, Contractors and Industry Organizations. We need to do a better job of attracting and educating young pre-professionals in our country about the quality career opportunities our industry provides.  I’m excited to serve on the MCERF Board of Trustees and to work alongside this diverse group of individuals committed to making our industry better.”

  • Photo of Brian Caufield
    Brian Caufield
    Vice President - Pipes, Valves, Fittings
    Mueller Industries, Inc.
    Memphis, TN

    "I am proud to be serving as a Trustee on the Foundation.  I look forward to working with MCERF and its effort to provide education and research to members of our industry.  It is our people, that at the end of the day, are our greatest asset."

  • Photo of Dave Davia
    Dave Davia
    Executive VP & CEO
    Colorado Association of Mechanical & Plumbing Contractors
    Denver, CO

    Serving on the MCERF Board of Trustees is both an honor and an opportunity. Its devotion to improving our industry by identifying and funding initiatives to attract and retain the best talent and its willingness to confront historic issues that most believe could never be solved is what really excites me about being a Trustee!

  • Photo of Stephen R. Dawson II
    Stephen R. Dawson II
    Harrell-Fish, Inc.
    Bloomington, IN

    "I am honored to serve as a trustee alongside so many great people who donate their time and talent to MCERF.  MCERF has been making a difference in our industry for many years and with the support of our donors, MCERF will continue to play a critical role in the future of our industry."

  • Photo of Jon Finch
    Jon Finch
    VP of Training
    Milwaukee Tool
    Milwaukee, WI

    I am honored to be a part of MCERF and the effort to build the pipeline of talent into this fantastic industry.  Working with the future leaders of our industry is an absolute joy.  MCERF’s commitment to engaging the next generation is creating opportunities that will shape our future.  I am excited about this group of influencers and the potential we are building.

  • Photo of Armand Kilijian
    Armand Kilijian
    O'Brien Mechanical, Inc.
    San Francisco, CA

    "I am proud to be a member of the MCERF. All the years that I watched them work quietly to do so much good for our industry, especially in helping us recruit and retain great young talent, I always had so much respect for the Foundation. But to actually be a Trustee now...and to participate and project that good work just a real blessing. And, I still believe our best days are ahead of us!"

  • Photo of Michael McCombie
    Michael McCombie
    F.E.Moran, Inc.
    Northbrook, IL

    I’ve worked years in Chicago with my peers to promote education for our association members…to give us a quality and value edge over our competitors. That effort includes recruiting and retaining the best young people we can possibly bring into our industry. This is MCERF’s mission nationally. I fully support that mission and now I can add my strengths and talents to those of my peers to accomplish it.

  • Photo of Blake E. Wentz, PhD
    Blake E. Wentz, PhD
    Academic Representative
    Milwaukee School of Engineering
    Milwaukee, WI

    "I am deeply honored to serve as a trustee.  MCERF is a primary reason the student chapter program at MCAA was created, and this has provided incredible opportunity for not only my students, but for students across the country.  MCERF has given the students so much over the years, it is my privilege to help carry that tradition forward."

  • Photo of Prof. Kristy L Wolfe
    Prof. Kristy L Wolfe
    Assistant Professor in Residence
    Bradley University
    Peoria, IL

    I am truly honored to serve on the MCERF Board of Trustees with such a distinguished group of individuals.  I have witnessed the tremendous impact this organization has had on the student chapters and have personally benefited from the MEAC program.  MCERF is critical to the development of young professionals seeking a career in the mechanical industry and I am excited to be a part of that!